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Prayer Corner

The Week of February 10, 2020

Spelling- Long O_E

1. hose

2. vote

3. splash 

4. woke

5. nose

6. string

7. joke

8. every

9. note

10. any

Spelling ChoiceMonday, Through Thursday your child must choose a Spelling Choice Assignment from the list below. Each Spelling Choice can only be done once a week.  Children take ownership of work they can choose . Choosing  also builds responsibility. 




Math-Pages 489-490

Spelling-Page 61



Math-Pages 493-494

Spelling-Page 62



Math-Pages 495-496

Spelling Page 63



Math-Pages 497-498

Spelling-Page 64



Re-Write Your Notes on Saint Valentine.

Math-Adding Tens Worksheet Pages 449-450

Social Studies-Time Line/Navajo Worksheet Pages 35-36.

Winter Break Book Report: Due Monday February 24, 2020. Please follow the outline on the book report form. Decorate a cover for your book report. They will be displayed in the classroom.

Remember To Read with your child for at least 20 minutes a day.

Test Schedule



Math-Compare numbers using >,<,=


Spelling-Long O_E (Please review Spelling Words with your child. )

***Please sign your child’s test papers and return to school the next day.

Miss A’s Weekly Book Picks:



Fun Read Aloud-  

Show And Tell-

Every Friday we will have Show and Tell. It is a time to build public speaking skills and share something special with our classmates. Examples of Show and Tell can be a picture you drew or painted, a trophy, family photos, crafts, etc. Show and Tell is not about toys, it must be educational. Your child must be able to talk about their Show and Tell to build oral communication skills. This is a fun activity children look forward to every Friday.

Our Chinese New Year Lunch Celebration:


-Please send store bought donuts for our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Thursday and Friday. No peanuts please. 

-Friday February 14 is the last day to donate $10 for the Spring Fling Class Basket.

-Your child can dress down for free in a homemade 100 Days of School T shirt.

-Winter break is February 17 to February 21. 

-Remember to attend mass on Sunday.

***Please note, the information posted on this web page is subject to change without notice.

***My School Email Address is dagostinelli@stathanasiusacademy.org


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