May snack money is due. $8.00 . Cash only. No checks!

Monday is gym, students need to be in gym uniform and sneakers.

Monday, May 6th:  Taco Day for students that paid.  All other students need to bring lunch from home. This is NOT a Dress Down Day.

Mothers’ Day Boutique Money Due : I will post the date and time Kindergarten B will be going so you can shop with your child.

Very Important Reminder:  Please remember to send in your re-registration form for September 2019-2020.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th- is the new date for our class trip to Aviator Green Meadows Farm. I apologize for any inconvenience due to unforeseen circumstances. 

All Kindergarten students need to wear their complete school uniform every day.   Students need to wear their school ties and school shoes. Sneakers are not to be worn with a school uniform. Please remember that students can begin wearing their polo shirts on May 15th.

In order to prepare my students for first grade, they will no longer complete the math quiz for homework before taking it in class. Students will be prepared for the quiz by doing each night’s homework. All homework MUST be completed at home and signed by a parent or caregiver.

*** On Tuesday  May 14th – I will be giving my students a spelling test using their sight words. I will also expect my students to know their word families (an, am, at,  ig, it, ip, ed, un, et). Please make sure your child reviews their sight words and word families!

 In Math we are beginning at new chapter called Subraction Within 10. In ELA, we are learning letter sounds, blending those sounds into words, word families and sentence structure. We are also learning about story elements. Please help your child at home to reinforce these skills that are taught in class. All sight word books make in class should be read at home as well.

Please bring your child to church on Sunday.

Homework for the week of May, 6th 2019

Monday- Read sight word poem. Reread mini sight word book made in class. Write the sight word this 3x. write 3 words from the it family.

Math- worksheet

Tuesday- Read sight word poems. Write sentences using the sight word me. Write three words from the an family and 3 words from the am family.

Wednesday- Read sight word poems. Letter Q worksheet. Wonders pgs. 203 &204

Math pg. 384

Thursday- Read sight word poems. Sight word worksheets. Write 3 words from the un family and 3 words from the ig family.

Math pg. 386

Friday- Re-read sight word book made in class “Animals all around?”. Write the sentences from the story and circle the sight words. Sight word sentences worksheet. Study for word family quiz next week !!!!! ( et, ed, un, am, an, at, ig, ip and it )

Math- 388