Wednesday, June 12th: Trip to the Aquarium. 

The children need to wear their Gym Uniform and bring a Bag lunch on our trip to the Aquarium.

Parents that are coming on our trip, please meet us outside in front of the school at 9:15.

Just a reminder: 

Kindergarten Graduation will be on Friday, June 14th at 10:00am.  Children will arrive at 9:30, wearing their graduation caps. 


Kindergarten students are required to participant and complete the Summer On-line Education City Challenge beginning June 21st- August 23rd. These on-line assignments in Math and ELA will be counted as their first grade assignment in Math and ELA in First Grade. 

If not completed, it will be entered as a zero grade. The students can log on to Education City by using their Mathletics username and password.

Thank you to my all parents for their support and making this a great year! Have a great summer!

Homework For the Week of June 10th

Monday- op family worksheet/ sight word worksheet

Tuesday- Read sight word poem. Reread mini sight word book made in class. Write the sentences from the story and circle the sight words. Write the sight where 3x.

Math pg. 435 & 436

Wednesday- Read sight word poems. Write sentences using the sight word where.

Thursday- no homework

Practice for Graduation!!!