Sight Words:

  1. DAD
  2. SAD
  3. NAP
  4. TAP
  5. SACK
  6.  BACK
  7.  MAN
  8.  CAT
  9. IT 
  10. TOO


  • Monday: Write words 5 times each in RED SPELLING book | In your HOMEWORK notebook, write an addition number sentence with a sum of 5 and 6. Draw a picture to go with your addition sentence.  Please add the reading log to the back of the HOMEWORK notebook. | Read the story of Genesis booklet with a parent/guardian. Bring it back to school tomorrow!!
  • Tuesday: Write a sentence for each word. | Sadlier page 14 #’s 1-7 | **Creation of the World test on Thursday. Students will have a review on Wednesday. Reread your Creation booklet with a parent/guardian to prepare for the test.
  • Wednesday: Write words in ABC order. | Sadlier page 18 #’s 1-8 & #10 | Please study for your Creation exam using the review booklet. | Math quiz tomorrow. Please study adding sums up to 10.
  • Thursday: Study for sight word quiz. | Adding 2 single-digit numbers handout. | Please bring in $6.50 scholastic money. | $1 Monthly Mission money | Please make corrections from Religion test on loose-leaf and STAPLE it to the test. Please sign test and return.
  • Friday: Do corrections for any misspelled words 5x in RED SPELLING BOOK. Read for 20 minutes each night and fill out reading log. Do book report handout (in H.W. folder)| Math- using CUBES strategy, complete ADDITION PROBLEMS TO 10 (work sheet 2)


Sight Words: 

  1. MAN
  2. RAN
  3. CAN
  4. CAT
  5. HAT
  6. MAT
  7. NOT 
  8. UP

Friday 9/13

  • Do corrections for any misspelled words 3x in RED SPELLING BOOK.
  • Math- Sadlier page 10
  • Please try to attend Mass on Sunday with your family.

Thursday 9/12

  • Please study for Spelling test on Friday!
  • Math- Sadlier page 6
  • ** Please wrap the Sadlier math textbooks in contact paper. Thank you!

Wednesday 9/11

  • Write your words in ABC order in your RED SPELLING BOOK.

Tuesday 9/10

  •  Write a sentence for each word in your RED SPELLING BOOK.
  • Draw a picture of your neighborhood. With help of a parent, list or label the things around your neighborhood. Do this on a blank piece of paper.

*We are still pre-assessing for Math so when this is complete, we will start the math curriculum. 

Monday 9/9

  • Write sight words 5 times each IN RED SPELLING NOTEBOOK.
  • If you haven’t yet, please send in a picture of your child, along with the emergency contact letter.


  1. Please remember to bring in a PHYSICAL copy of a photograph of your child (no emails). Make sure it is a picture that they are allowed to cut and can keep in their classroom all year long.
  2. I sent home their Literacy books and Religion text books. Please have the students wrap these in contact paper and return back tomorrow. 
  3.  A gentle reminder to return the Emergency Contact paper and the handout stating that you have read the handbook. 
  4. When sending students with their art supplies for art, make sure it is in its own separate gallon sized zip-lock bag. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at XGALLEGO@StAthanasiusAcademy.org. Thank you!