September NewsLetter

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Nursery News

September 30th, 2019


Welcome everyone to Mrs. Browne’s Nursery Class!

 I was thrilled to meet my adorable students and their parents.

 The children spent the first two weeks getting to know me, each other, the classroom, our class pets, Dory and Tommy, our routines, our class rules , my parent helpers and just understanding why they are in school and all the great things that they will be learning.

 We made guardian angels and crosses and we read a poem about our first mark in school and did our hand prints. I have been teaching your children how to make the sign of the cross and our class prayers. They are doing an amazing job. I am really proud of them. We celebrated Camilla’s birthday on the 27th Thank you Mr & Mrs Tan for the lovely birthday treats and celebrating with us. We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday on the 26th and we had an apple day. We had apples for snacktime, along with apple juice and a special Johnny Appleseed gift to take home, along with our Johnny Appleseed hats and apple handprints keepsake crafts.

 Language– I have introduced the children to the alphabet and we were focused on the letter “A”. I have also been working with your children on name recognition.
Gross Motor skills– We are learning about body awareness and practicing rolling and bouncing a ball at circle time.

Fine Motor Skills– We have been practicing cutting and tearing.

Science– We are learning about germs and healthy habits and bathroom self-help skills.

Color Focus- Our color for the month was “Yellow”.

Creative Drama- The children are enjoying our classroom play kitchens.

Music and Nursery Rhymes– The children enjoyed learning and singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”.

Math-We have explored the numbers 0, 1, and 2 and our shape was a circle.

Social Studies-Your children learned about John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed.

Social Development-Your children became familiar with the classroom and the playground.

Creative Expression-Your children enjoyed painting on our class easels.

 There is a 12:00noon dismissal on Friday October 4th . There is no school on Monday October 14th , Columbus Day

 In October, we will be exploring the letter “B”, “C”, “D”, and the number “3”. Our color will be orange and black, and our shape be will a square. Our next nursery rhymes will be “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Little Miss Muffet”.

 If you have not sent in your children’s physical and medical forms please do so as soon as possible. Please label all clothing belonging to your children including: School bags, lunch boxes, and containers.

 Don’t forget Snack Plus Money and Mission Money are due the first week of the month. Fall project items and family books should be sent in as soon as possible.

 Remember to read to your children every day and remind them that Jesus loves them. Please bring your children to church on Sundays. I am the Children’s Liturgy leader for the 10:00A.M. mass on Sundays.

 God Bless You,

 Mrs. Browne