Art Supplies grade 1

Art Supplies

Grade  1:

– 4 sharpened pencils

– 1 pink or white eraser

– 2 glue sticks

– a pack of 8 Crayola crayons (red, yellow, blue, green, orange purple, black and brown)

– a t-shirt smock 

Put smock, pencils, eraser, glue sticks and crayons into a gallon slider, ziplock bag and write name and grade on the bag.


– please bring in a roll of paper towels and a 4 pack of Play Dough to be shared by all students. Keep those separate.

Mark all supplies and Ziplock bag and smock with your child’s name and grade.

Art supplies and smocks can be reused each year. (Until they are outgrown, dried out or used up!)