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Welcome to Mrs. Martocci’s 2nd Grade! 🙂

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**Winter Uniform is in effect -for boys(button down shirt and tie) girls (jumper with button down shirt and tie or navy pants, button down shirt and tie)

On Tuesday 12/11 -We will go to shop at the Christmas boutique at 1:00 PM. If you wish to send money in with your child, please place it in a sealed envelope. You are welcome to come shop at that time as well.

December 13 – Communion forms and fee due

Our class play will take place on Tuesday, December 18 at 9:30 A.M. – We hope to see you there! Children can wear dress up clothes. They will be wearing costumes over their clothes for the play.

December 20 – Breakfast with Santa – please remit permission slip and money as soon as possible.

Please take your child to mass every Sunday and bring the bulletin in on Monday.

Please sign and return all tests the day after they are handed out.

**Parents please read, print, and sign the page in the online handbook and return to school**

$1 Mission money will be collected once a month on every first Monday.

Box Tops for Education will be collected. Send boxtops glued or taped to collection sheets or in ziplock bags(25 box tops/bag). Bonus boxtops should not be put on collection sheets. Sign up with Shoprite Supermarket (https://shopriteformyschool.com) to get added bonuses for our school.

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Week of 12/10/18


Read and write response each day
Spelling words in alphabetical order (near, where, deer, verb, perch, ear, steer, here, dear, cheer)
Vocabulary words in alphabetical order (medium, stubborn, noticed, cozy, arrive, argue)

Comprehension/Vocabulary test tomorrow on The Alvin Ailey Kids Dancing As a Team

Grammar test Thursday on possessive nouns (s’ or ‘s)

Math – workbook pg. 198


Read and write response

Spelling words 5x’s each and sentences due Friday
Spelling quiz Friday

Vocabulary words – definition and sentences due Friday

Practice – pg. 128

Math – wkbk pg. 202

Read and write response

Grammar test on possessive noun tomorrow

Math – complete pages not completed in class for Ch. 5

Gym tomorrow


Read and write response

Spelling quiz tomorrow
Spelling and vocabulary words due tomorrow


Read and write response

Practice pg. 31

Comprehension/Vocab. test on Abuelo and the Three Bears Wednesday 12/19

Math -wkbk pg. 208

Social Studies – students are learning about Goods and Services – A goods and service diorama will be due January 3 – Students must be prepared to present the diorama and explain what is represented in it -goods, service, or both. (e.g. a grocery store, dentist office, etc.)

Week of 12/3/18


Comprehension/Vocab. test on African American Inventors tomorrow

Book Report -Winter/Christmas theme changed to due 12/6 – Must include correct format, book title, author, genre, name and short summary.

Spelling words in alphabetical order (clerk, herd, first, churn, hurt, term, skirt, stir, burst, turn)

Vocabulary words in alphabetical order (effort, mood, perform, proud, remember)

Practice pg. 116

Math Test on Ch. 4 Thursday – Review and complete any uncompleted pages in Ch. 4 before page 188 before Thursday doing some each night this week.

Science – Next Monday bring in a shoe box and supplies you may want to use/need to make an animal’s habitat.

Social Studies Unit 2 test Wednesday – study key vocabulary, workbook, and notebook notes.


Practice pg. 117

Spelling 5x’s and sentences due Friday
Spelling quiz Friday

Vocabulary definition and sentences due Friday

Social Studies – Test tomorrow


Gym tomorrow

Book Report due tomorrow

Practice pg. 119

Math – test tomorrow


12:00 dismissal tomorrow – Report card conferences

Spelling quiz tomorrow
Spelling and Vocabulary words are due tomorrow


Read and write a short summary

Comprehension/Vocabulary test Tuesday on The Alvin Alley Kids

Grammar test on possessive nouns and prefix/suffix on Thursday 12/13

Science – bring shoe box and supplies to begin habitat on Monday

Summer News

Posted on August 22, 2018

Summer Assignment: Read any chapter book of your choice this summer. On looseleaf, write the title, author, and genre of the book you read. Tell me the setting (where/when) the story takes place, what the story is about (at least 5 sentences), and what you like or don’t like about the story. Make a colorful cover on construction paper depicting a scene from the book. Bring to school the first day of class in September.

September Supply list:

1 pencil case containing 5 sharpened pencils, eraser, 1 scissor, glue stick, and small glue bottle, 1 box colored pencils, 1 box of crayons.
1 cm/in ruler
1 pack of looseleaf in a folder to keep in school and one for home
1 pack construction paper to keep in school and one for home
1 pack of 3×5 index cards
clear contact paper to keep at home – all soft workbooks must be covered as distributed.
3 large stretchable book covers
6 folders
9 marble notebooks
2 boxes of tissues
1 pack of baby wipes
3×3 post-it sticky notes
1 pack of colored dry eraser markers.

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