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Let’s celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. this month!

  • We are in need of tissues and Clorox wipes any donations would be greatly appreciated
  • For online access to books, please go to, enter class code:  ndm9221.  Finally, select your name and search for books that are of interest to you.
  • For online learning please join via google classroom with the link posted.  Please be sure to join google classroom first.  The google classroom code is kdjo6tj. 
  • Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns my e-mail address is: 
  • FYI:  effective Tuesday, January, 4th, we will have gym on Tuesdays

Homework – Thursday, 1/13

Spelling – Sentences 11 -20

Our Story of the Week is entitled:  “Messaging Mania”

Spelling Words:  misfile, unwanted, recycle, undone, presale, misread, recall, precut, unload, misnumber, unfair, mistreat, unhappy, retold, preplan, hard, porch, carve, prejudge, uncertain

Vocabulary Words: record, estimate, focus

Math – page 96

Reading – Read for 20 minutes and log it on your Reading Log

ELA – The Daily News worksheet

Book report Project due Friday, 1/21/22 – choose an autobiography or biography about a historical person and write a book report.  This is a project and it will be graded for ELA and social studies.  Your book report should include a cover using construction paper that includes the title of the book, the author, your name and a picture of the historical person you chose.  The report should be on looseleaf paper please remember to include a heading and write neat.  Please write at least 5 interesting facts about the person and why you picked this person.  Some facts might be the date and place where your character was born and raised, a description of the early life of your person, and also you can tell us about what kind of person he/she was.  Be creative, be prepared to answer questions about your historical person.

Important Notes:

  • Mission money ($1 or more) will be collected for the month of January.  Please put your donation in an envelope with your child’s name and mission money written on the outside of the envelope.  Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.
  • Students will need headphones for IPADS for I-ready
  • Please have students bring sharpened pencils to school every day

Important Dates:

*****No school for students Friday, 1/14

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – no school Monday, 1/17/22