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5th Grade Homework

1. Read for 20-25 minutes fill out the reading log.

2. Study the notes from class.

3. Book report due April 29th.

4. Break packet due Due April 29th.

4th Grade Homework

  1. Read for 15-20 minutes. Reading Log. Must have an independent reading book for class everyday.
  2. Finish the Charlotte’s Web questions.
  3. On Top of the Workd and from pge to fil packet due April 29th.
  4. Ss workbook pgs 78-82 due April 29th.


Posted on August 24, 2018

4th grade homework and 5th Grade Homework.

1) Read for 20-25 minutes.

2) You must have an independent reading book everyday in school with you.

3) Must review notes every night.

4) Vocabulary Test Thursday. (Unit 2)

5) Vocabulary workbook page 

6) Spelling Test Friday

5th grade Homework 

  1. Read for 20-25 minutes. 
  2. Must review notes every night.
  3. Text on the stories from the reading workbook. 
  4. October 24th book report due.
  5. Short Story due.
  6. Vocabulary Test ThursdaY.
  7. Vocabulary workbook pages 9-16 Due Monday.

                                           4TH GRADE

       Hello. My name is Ms. Towey and I am super excited to be your teacher!!!! This year we are going to do so many entertaining/exciting things and of course we are going to learn a lot! I hope you had a fabulous summer and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Here is a list of supplies needed for the first day of school:

8 Marble Notebooks

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones

5 folders


Pencil case (Any type is fine) 

Pens (blue or black only)

4 Book socks

Clear contact paper (Will be covering all workbooks at home. Do not need to bring to school.)

One package of computer paper (For the classroom)

One package of construction paper (For the classroom)

2 packages of looseleaf (One for the classroom and one for home. Must be wide ruled with margin)

Pencil Sharpener 

2 rolls of paper towels (For the classroom)

1 sandwich size Ziploc bags 

2 boxes of tissues (For the classroom)

Hand Sanitizer (For the classroom)

Baby Wipes (For the classroom)

Clorox Wipes (For the classroom)

A Box of crayons

A Box of Markers

Glue Sticks


1 pocket dictionary/thesaurus

2 packs of post-it notes

2 packs of Index Cards (3×5)

Index card holder 

A Pack of highlighters

A Box for art class (Must look at art page to see what needs to be in the box).

     Remember you can always buy extra supplies and store them for later this year.


Ms. Towey


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