8th Grade

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Ms. Gabb & Mrs. Medina’s Class

Grade 8-A Mrs. Medina

Grade 8-B Ms. Gabb

Grade 6-8 Math: Mrs. Medina (amedina@stathanasiusacademy.org)

Grade 6-8 Social Studies: Ms. Gabb (kgabb@stathanasiusacademy.org)

Homeroom Supplies

Requirements for each student, to bring in the first week of school:

Students must bring every day:

  1. An independent reading book
  2. Healthy lunch 


6th, 7th & 8th Grade Math supplies list

The student should replace supplies as needed & should include his/her full name or initials on all items.

Links have been included for guideline purposes only.        


  • We have sufficient graph paper at school currently, so no need to purchase at the moment.
  • All workbooks must be covered with contact paper.
  • Due to COVID regulations supplies can not be shared.


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