Academic Programs


The students will be involved in various assemblies and fairs that will be held throughout the school year. Parents and other guests will be invited to assemblies and fairs that their children are participating in.

Grade Level Meetings

Meetings are held at the beginning of each school-year to acquaint parents and guardians with curriculum and regulations pertaining to each grade level.


The purpose of homework is to foster the activities and concepts taught in class.
Students are expected to do their own work. Their work should be a reflection of their abilities.
It would be beneficial to schedule a routine homework time.
Parents should sign the following; daily homework assignments, projects, reports, and test papers.

Learning Center

Remediation of academic skills will be provided to those students who need reinforcement in basic areas of instruction. Students who have current I.E.P.’s will be scheduled first for time in the Learning Center.


This Lab will be used by all classes in order for them to actively participate in acquiring science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts and skills.

Parent-Teacher Conference

At the request of a parent, teacher or principal appointments may be scheduled to discuss any academic or personal concerns.Permission from the office is needed for parents to visit a classroom while school
is in session.Mandatory parent teacher conferences will be scheduled at the conclusion of the first and second marking periods.Each teacher will note and record in writing conversations that take place between all parties concerning the progress of the student. These completed forms will be given to Mrs. Competello for follow up. The record of the conversation will be kept on file. Please be advised that these forms are discarded upon the child’s graduation.Parents requesting an appointment with the principal must do so by sending a letter or calling the school office. This procedure is employed after a meeting has taken place with your child’s teacher.

Student of the Month

Each month students from each class will be honored as Student of the Month. The criteria is as follows:
1. Most Improved Worker of the Month
2. Good Behavior
3. Exhibits Christian Spirit
4. Good Attendance/ no lateness
5. Good Listener
6. Active Learner
* Agreement of all teachers who teach the nominated student is necessary.