New students are always welcome during the year. Please call for the office for an appointment.

Registration for new admissions and re-registration for returning students takes place in January. We do not discriminate according to race or religion.

You can complete an online application for your child on Option C.

Forms: Parent Service Requirement | Parental Release Form | Permission to Photograph/Video


Requests for transfers will be honored by the school as requested by the parents or legal guardians of our students upon receipt of request from the child’s new school. Records will be mailed so long as financial responsibilities are current.

Parent Services

In order for our school to run smoothly, parents are required to participate in at least one of the following areas of service:
– Lunch/Recess Duty
– Door Guard
– Class Representative
– School Fundraising Events

In lieu of service, a financial contribution of $300 will be required.

Each family is expected to cooperate by participating in the three annual mandatory fundraisers, the candy drive, card party and fun-a-thon as they are a vital means of support for our school designed to help maintain tuition.