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Welcome to the Art Class Room!

Welcome back to a new school year in Art! If you have any questions you can email me at: jhuderski@stathanasiusacademy.org

The Art supply lists, homework assignments, study sheets for quizzes and artwork by the artist of the month can be found on your grade pages. Parents, I encourage you to look at the artist of the month’s artwork with your children. Share some art appreciation time with them! Also, I have attached a blog that contains my education, teaching strategies, assessment strategies, learning goals and advice on how to help your children excel in art! Go to stathanasiusacademy.org/14/teacher-info

FYI: Homework: I often change the due dates and extend the time to give kids the chance to bring things in (Though I would rather get them in by the original due dates). I don’t grade work late. However, if a homework assignment is not in by the end of the grading period the grade will be zero or missing. 

See the class pages for Art supply lists, Homework Assignments and Students of the Month!


Art Appreciation/ Artists of the Month


April: Landscapes


Grade 1 to 4: Claude Monet


 Grade 5: Paul Cezanne


Grade 6: Byzantine Icons


Grade 7: Andrew Wyeth


Grade 8: Surrealism-Rene Magritte



May/June: Illustration


Grade K: Eric Carle


Grade 1: Maurice Sendek


Grade 2: J.R.R. Tolkien

Grade 4: C.S. Lewis



Grade 5: Mary Dupre for J.K. Rowling


Grade 6: Calendar Illustration

Mary Engelbreit 


Grade 7: 



Grade 8: Norman Rockwell



September: Lines and Shapes:

Abstract Art

Grade 1 through 3: Frank Stella

Grade 4: Franz Kline


Grade 5: Paul Klee


Grade 6: Cave Art



Grade 7: Tags


Grade 8: Logos


October: Faces and Portraits

 Grade 1 through 4: Leonardo De Vinci

Mona Lisa


Grade 5: Margo Humphrey

Her Life is Written Across Her Face


Grade 6: Egyptian Art/King Tut



Grade 7: Leonardo Da Vinci

Lady with Ermine


Grade 8: Illustration

Norman Rockwell


November: Craft

Grade 1: Native American Beadwork


Grade 2: Early American Folk Art


Grade 3: Louis Tiffany


Grade 4: Beatrice Wood

Gold Luster Bowl


Grade 5: Weaving


Grade 6: Cartouche/Hieroglyphics


Grade 7: Tapestry

Early American tapestry pattern


Grade 8: Toy Design


December/January: Sculpture

and 3D Drawing

Grade 1 and Grade 2: Alexander Calder


Grade 3 and 4: Michelangelo


Grade 5: Carl Wright


Grade 6: Medieval Gargoyles


Grade 7: Michelangelo

The Pieta



Grade 8: Frank Lloyd Wright

(Interior Design)



February: Color Theory/Still Life

Grades 1 through 4: Basic Color wheel


Grade 1 through 5: Vincent Van Gogh



Grades 5 through 8: Advanced Color Wheel


Grade 5: Jackson Pollock


Grade 6: Roman Mosaic


Grade 7: Pieter Claesz (Dutch Post Renaissance)


Grade 8: Georges Seurat/Pointillism



March: Figure Drawing

Grade 1 and Grade 2: Stick figures in motion!


Grade 3 and Grade 4: Rodin


Grade 5: Pablo Picasso

Three Musicians


Grade 6: Greek Amphora  



Grade 7: Fashion Design



Grade 8: Symbolism by Keith Haring




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