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Welcome to the Art Class Room!

Welcome back to a new school year in Art! If you have any questions you can email me at: jhuderski@stathanasiusacademy.org

The Art supply lists, homework assignments, study sheets for quizzes and artwork by the artist of the month can be found on your grade pages. Parents, I encourage you to look at the artist of the month’s artwork with your children. Share some art appreciation time with them! Also, I have attached a blog that contains my education, teaching strategies, assessment strategies, learning goals and advice on how to help your children excel in art! Go to stathanasiusacademy.org/14/teacher-info

FYI: Homework: I often change the due dates and extend the time to give kids the chance to bring things in (Though I would rather get them in by the original due dates). I don’t grade work late. However, if a homework assignment is not in by the end of the grading period the grade will be zero or missing. 

See the class pages for Students of the Month!


Art Appreciation/ Artists of the Month

September: Lines and Shapes

Grade 1 through 3: Frank Stella

Grade 4: Franz Kline


Grade 5: Paul Klee


Grade 6: Cave Art



Grade 7: Tags


Grade 8: Logos


October: Faces and Portraits

 Grade 1 through 4: Leonardo De Vinci

Mona Lisa


Grade 5: Margo Humphrey

Her Life is Written Across Her Face


Grade 6: Egyptian Art/King Tut



Grade 7: Leonardo Da Vinci

Lady with Ermine


Grade 8: Graphic Artist/ Peter Max


November: Craft

Grade 1: Native American Beadwork


Grade 2: Early American Folk Art


Grade 3: Louis Tiffany


Grade 4: Beatrice Wood

Gold Luster Bowl


Grade 5: Weaving


Grade 6: Cartouche/Hieroglyphics


Grade 7: Tapestry

Early American tapestry pattern


Grade 8: Toy Design



December/January: Sculpture

Grade 1 and Grade 2: Alexander Calder


Grade 3 and 4: Michelangelo


Grade 5: Carl Wright


Grade 6: Medieval Gargoyles


Grade 7: Michelangelo

The Pieta


Grade 8: Frank Lloyd Wright

(Interior Design)



February: Color Theory/Still Life

Grades 1 through 4: Basic Color wheel


Grade 1 through 5: Vincent Van Gogh



Grades 5 through 8: Advanced Color Wheel


Grade 5: Jackson Pollock


Grade 6: Roman Mosaic


Grade 7: Pieter Claesz (Dutch Post Renaissance)


Grade 8: Georges Seurat/Pointillism



March: Figure Drawing

Grade 1 and Grade 2: Stick figures in motion!


Grade 3 and Grade 4: Rodin


Grade 5: Pablo Picasso

Three Musicians


Grade 6: Greek Amphora  



Grade 7: Fashion Design



Grade 8: Symbolism by Keith Haring




April: Landscapes


Grade 1 to 4: Claude Monet


 Grade 5: Paul Cezanne


Grade 6: Byzantine Icons


Grade 7: Andrew Wyeth


Grade 8: Surrealism-Rene Magritte



May/June: Illustration


Grade K and 1: Eric Carle


Grade 2: Maurice Sendak

Grade 3: J.R.R. Tolkein

Grade 4: C.S. Lewis



Grade 5: Mary Dupre for J.K. Rowling


Grade 6: Calendar Illustration

Mary Englebreit 


Grade 7: Maurice Sendak


Grade 8: Norman Rockwell



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