5th Grade 2018/2019 School Year

  Kathy Somma

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can call the office at 718-236-4791 to set up an appointment, or I  could call you back after or before school hours.  You can also email at ksomma@stathanasiusacademy.org I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I will be at St. Athanasius Academy, for  drop off and pick up of items.  We will be collecting any textbooks or reading books that belong to the school, on Wednesday June 24th. Because of the Corona restrictions we need to meet in staggered intervals.  Below is a chart with your time to come to the school yard and pick up and drop off school items.  The students were notified and asked to email if a certain time was needed.  Please email if you cannot make this time.  If you come off schedule, I’m sorry but you will need to wait for an opening.  If you have students in other classes, please contact the teacher with the time request and the teachers can coordinate together for one pickup. Students will not be permitted in the school yard.  

Wednesday June 24th Drop off Books
8:30 Alesandra   Art    
8:40 Christopher   Art    
9:00 Joseph        
9:10 Iree   Art    
9:20 Matthew        
9:30 Amalie        
9:40 Carmine   Art    
9:50 Leo        
10:00 Victorian   Art    
10:10 Ana        
10:20 Nathan        
10:30 Gerany   Art    
10:50 Maira        
11:00 Dominic        
11:10 Michael   Art    
11:30 Brayan        
11:40 Stanlynn        
12:00 Erick   Art    
12:10 Madison        
12:20 Harventchy        
12:30 Walter   Art    
12:40 Melissa        
12:50 David  
Throw away art stuff
1:00 Octivia        
1:10 Christian        
1:20 Aidan        
1:30 Nicholas        
2:30 Brandon        
Tuesday June 23rd
John Augustinelli        
Audrey Martocci        
Nancy Browne        















SUPPLY LIST  5TH GRADERS 2020/2021 school year


7 Composition notebooks,  no spirals please

2 folders

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones  for computers

Pencil case



Blue or black pens

4 book socks for text books

Roll of clear contact paper


Markers optional, but the students love them

Glue or glue stick


The students need an art box.  You can get a plastic one in the dollar store, but a large sneaker box works just as well.

SUPPLIES FOR THE CLASSROOM   These items are very important in helping our classroom function daily.

1 pack of loose-leaf paper 

2 boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer

2 Paper towels

Hand soap

1 ream of computer paper

Clorox wipes  for cleaning

Baby wipes for washing hands

1 sandwich size Ziploc bags


1 Pack of dry erase markers

Ink for our in class printer.  It would be great if you get together with other parents  and can purchase the ink.  

Our printer is an HP office Jet Pro 6968

It uses HP 902


Our Specials Teachers also need supplies.  

ART –  Mrs. Hurdurski has and entire list with pictures on her class page.

ITALIAN – Italian notebook

COMPUTER – 1 pack of computer paper,  1 box of tissues,  Clorox Wipes

GYM – School tee shirt and sweat  pants or shorts,  white sole sneakers

LEARNING CENTER – Clorox wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer , notebook, index cards, folder


Welcome to the 5th Grade

Posted on August 17, 2017

Image result for back to school logoI hope everyone had a magnificent summer.   I spent some of my summer planning some exciting things we can do to make learning even more fun.  I hope you all kept up on your reading and math skills.  That will help us get a jump start on 5th grade,  and all the new topics we will tackle.  Our fist priority is getting our classroom in order.  I will be heading to school the last week in August to do just that.  You can help too.  Below is a list of items that will put you on the right track, for  starting the year on the right foot.  Please bring these items the first day of school.  

8 notebooks  (no spiral notebooks please)


Pens  (blue or black)  

3 Folders  

2 Book Socks  (for covering texts)

Clear contact paper (for covering workbooks)




Box for art class (plastic is great, but a decorated shoe box works fine) Please see the Art page for items for the art box.

Pack of computer paper

2 Boxes of Tissues  (Very important, students using a tissue cuts spreading of germs)

Roll of paper towels

Hand Sanitizer 

Baby wipes (for hands and face) 

Clorox wipes (for classroom surfaces) 





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