5th Grade 2020/2021 School Year

  Kathy Somma

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can call the office at 718-236-4791 to set up a zoom appointment, or I  could call you back after or before school hours.  You can also email at ksomma@stathanasiusacademy.org I will get back to you as soon as I can.


ATTENTION PARENTSIf anyone has any extra iPad wires and boxes, we are in need.  The plugs get a lot of wear and tear daily with the students.  

Also, we are requesting wipes, for hands and disenfecting.  The school cleans our room daily, but we clean our hands and desks multiple times a day,   before lunch and after lunch, before we leave and arrive, etc.  We also clean our iPads daily.  This uses an obscene amount of wipes, but we are trying to be as safe as possible. 

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We all have done a great job keeping everyone as healthy as possible during this pandemic.  One of the rules for safety is that a Daily Health Screening is filled out for each person (including children) that enters the building.  Today your child recieved a hardcopy of the online version that must be filled out daily.  Ideally  you do it online, but if you are having a problem it can be handed in with a hardcopy.  Please contact the office if you are having an issue filling it out daily. 

Face your  camera to the QR Code below and follow directions.



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Homework for Thursday, May 13th 

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson  

Idiom – Google Classroom “Under the Weather”

Social Studies – Textpage 271  Map It questions 1 – 5  

Science – Study for your quiz


4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson  12.4

Science –  Study for your quiz,  NYS TEST Book  (yellow)  page 113 Practice G – L ,  page 115  questions 1 – 5







Homework for Wednesday, May 12th

5th Grade

Math –    Study for your test  – add, subtract and multiply decimals

Idiom –   Google Classroom “Two Face”  

Science – Study for the Quiz


4th Grade


Science –   NYS (yellow)  Science Skills Book,  Chapter 8,  page 99  complete questions 1 – 7  page 104 and 105  and Study for Quiz




Homework for Tuesday, May 11th

5th Grade

Math –  Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson  12.8 – Test Thursday adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. 

Idiom – Google Classroom “Touch and Go”

Social Studies – Current Events – Who, What, Where, When, How, Why  Find a current Events story and find out what happened.  You are limited to news stories that effect the world, our country or our state.  No sports

Science – Study science words.

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Workbook Lesson  12.3

Science – Study science words

Homework for Monday,  May  10th 

5th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Workbook 12.7  – Math test Thursday

Science – Challenge vocabulary on Google Clasroom, Define and sentences. 

Idiom – Google Classroom  “Top Banana”

Social Studies – Text page 269  Refocus 1 and 2, write the questions and full answers.   Also page 279 Geography and You questions 1 – 4  write the questions and full answers.  


4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Workbook  12.2 

Science –   Google Classroom  Science Challenge Words – Define and sentences.  



Homework for Thursday, May 6th 

5th Grade

Friday is First Friday – 12:30 Dismissal – No Lunch

Math –    Sadlier Math Workbook  

Idiom – Google Classroom  “Tickled Pink”  



4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Workbook Lesson  11.8

Science –   NYS  Test Book  page 95 questions 1 – 5,  write the questions.



Homework for Wednesday, May 5th

Happy Cinco De Mayo was a great success, thanks to all parents for helping the children participate.


5th Grade

Friday is First Friday – 12:30 Dismissal – No Lunch

Math –  Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson 12.5

Idiom –  Googlr Classroom ” Throw in The Towel”

Social Studies – Text pages 260  Key Terms  Define and sentences,  page 265  Refocus questions 1 and 2

Science Test Tomorrow


4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier  Math Workbook  Lesson  11.7  

Science – NYS Science Test Book  page 85 – 88 questions 1 – 10


Homework for  Tuesday, May 4th

May the forth be with you!

5th Grade

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo.  We will have a Mexican Celebration.  Play some games and learn about the one day war that inspired the holiday.  

This Friday is first Friday,  12:30pm dismissal No Lunch!

Math –  Sadlier Text Lesson 12.4,  Worksheet

Idiom – Google Classroom “Take the Cake”


4th Grade

Great Job on the test today!


Homework for Monday, May 3rd

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Workbook Lesson 12.1

Science – Science Vocabulary Challenge, define AND sentences,   Study for Thursday’s test

Idiom – Google Classroom “Take a Shine to”


4th Grade

State Math Test Tomorrow – You will do great!  Have a good dinner, get to bed early,  and a healthy breakfast.  Bring at least 2 No.2 pencils.    Good Luck, I will see you tomorrow.  



Homework for Friday, April 30th 

5th Grade

We have an exciting few weeks planned.  We sent home some a few permission slips to be signed.  The one with the most urgencyis the Cinco De Mayo celebration.  It will take place Wednesday, May 5th, this Wednesday.   We will be ordering from Taco Bell, so I need to recieve payment by Monday or the latest Tuesday.  

Our 5th Grade Friendship Sunday will be Sunday May 23rd at 11:30 Mass, then we will greet the parishioners and hand out treats (pre wrapped) Please try to make it.  We don’t get to celebrate Mass together that much since the pandemic.  It is a nice way to keep a positive connection with school and their faith.  

We could not let the school year close out without a trip, so we did some research on multi million dollar businesses and will take some time to visit one.  Our outing to McDonalds will be a great look at what can happen when you work hard.  Also the students will have a lesson in independence.  Parents need to sign the permission slip, but the children  will need to be responsible for their own money, order themselvs and pay and get the correct change.  Adults take it for granted, but it is a little intimidating for a young person.  

Please sign all slips and submit payment ASAP.


Math – 

Idiom – Google Classroom “Swan Song”

Social Studies – Study for your test on Monday on the South West states.

Science –  Study your notes for the test on Thursday.  


4th grade

Math –   


Homework for Thursday, April 29th 

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson  14.1  

Idiom – Google Classroom “Spill thge Beans”

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Text  page 109 questions 4 – 21 ,  page 157 questions 27 – 34 



Homework for Wednesday, April 28th

5th Grade

Math –  Text book page 258 – 259   Answer all questions, no ned to write the questions.  

Idiom –    Google Classroom  “Spick and Span” 

Social Studies – Text page 248 – 249  Define Key Terms,  Write a story with the key terms about a visit to Hoover Dam,  com plete the Refocus questions 1 and 2

Science – Complete the study notes for science.  

4th Grade

Math –   Google Classroom



Congrats to our class Student Council Members

Matthew DeGeorge, Noelle Pianoforte, and Lasha Rainuli


Welcome Back

Governor Wolf Elementary School

I am very excited to get back into the classroom.  I know everyone is a little apprehensive, so am I.  But I believe everyone returning in person shares the belief that education does not only mean doing math problems or reading a chapter online.   A great education has many facets, including interacting with others.  That’s something you can only get in person and being a part of a community.    We at St. Athanasius will be working very hard to keep everyone safe.  The hard work and quick action that the St. Athanasius family has successfully undertaken, is amazing. The school has put many safety measures in place,  from building new classrooms to perfecting air systems, to high tech steam cleaning systems as well as touch less hand sanitizers out side each room, to name only  a few.    We will stop at nothing to keep our school family unit together.  Obviously we can’t control everything, but there are plans for the unexpected as well. If we have a setback,  we will work it out together, and move forward.  We are extremely lucky    to have Msgr. Cassato on our side.  He will always have our backs keeping everyone safe as possible. 

For those of you who choose The Aquinas program.  Best wishes and I wish you much success keeping up with your studies.  Please keep an open mind for the future and when you and your family feels comfortable coming back into the classroom,  we will be here to welcome you.  

This year might look and feel a little different.  But we are turning lemons into lemonade. We are going to do our best, and  with hard work, diligence,  and a true faith in God to carry us through, we will be successful.   If we can do that,  first lesson complete.  

See you soon

Mrs. Somma



2020/2021 school year


 Bottle of hand sanitizer for your student to keep at their desk. (sanitizer will be available all over the school, but I’d like them to have it available at their desk.  

7 Composition notebooks,  no spirals please

2 folders

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones  for computers

Pencil case



Blue or black pens

4 book socks for text books

Roll of clear contact paper


Markers optional, but the students love them

Glue or glue stick



SUPPLIES FOR THE CLASSROOM   These items are very important in helping our classroom function daily.

1 pack of loose-leaf paper 

2 boxes of tissues

2 Paper towels

Hand soap

1 ream of computer paper

Clorox wipes  for cleaning  (I know this is almost impossible, so any disinfecting wipes will do)  Our classroom will be cleaned thoroughly at end of day, this is for wiping down throughout the day. 

 – Baby wipes for washing hands



1 Pack of dry erase markers

Ink for our in class printer.  It would be great if you get together with other parents  and can purchase the ink.  

Our printer is an HP office Jet Pro 6968

It uses HP 902




Welcome to the 5th Grade

Posted on August 17, 2017

Image result for back to school logoI hope everyone had a magnificent summer.   I spent some of my summer planning some exciting things we can do to make learning even more fun.  I hope you all kept up on your reading and math skills.  That will help us get a jump start on 5th grade,  and all the new topics we will tackle.  Our fist priority is getting our classroom in order.  I will be heading to school the last week in August to do just that.  You can help too.  Below is a list of items that will put you on the right track, for  starting the year on the right foot.  Please bring these items the first day of school.  

8 notebooks  (no spiral notebooks please)


Pens  (blue or black)  

3 Folders  

2 Book Socks  (for covering texts)

Clear contact paper (for covering workbooks)




Box for art class (plastic is great, but a decorated shoe box works fine) Please see the Art page for items for the art box.

Pack of computer paper

2 Boxes of Tissues  (Very important, students using a tissue cuts spreading of germs)

Roll of paper towels

Hand Sanitizer 

Baby wipes (for hands and face) 

Clorox wipes (for classroom surfaces) 





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