Welcome Nursery A Class 2021-2022

Supply List for Nursery
Welcome to my new students and their families for the 2021-2022 school year. I look forward to meeting you and sharing all the exciting things that I have planned for you this year. To help you as you catch those wonderful sales for school supplies, here is the supply list for Nursery Class:

When you shop for school items, please follow these guidelines:

  • All Nursery children must wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers are the most appropriate shoes. You can also choose any shoe with a rubber sole.
  • All Nursery children need a standard type back pack. Please choose one that is at least 18 x 13 ( No wheelies please) Please label with the child’s name.
All Nursery children need to bring:
  • 2 box of tissues
  • 2 container of wet wipes
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 2 container of Clorox wipes
  • 1 two pocket folder
  • 1 Elmer’s glue stick
  • 1 Elmer’s glue
  • 2 Hand Sanitizers
  • 2 Liquid Hand Soaps
Full day Nursery children need a lunch box. Please choose one that will fit inside their backpacks. Please label with your child’s name.
All Nursery children need to bring in two complete changes of clothes, Winter/Summer including socks and underwear and an extra pair of sneakers. Please put them in a large Ziploc bag and label with the child’s name.
Full day Nursery children need to bring in a blanket for quiet/rest time.
See you Soon!

Mrs. Browne

Mrs. Browne, 

You were always there for us from the start.  You are a special teacher who’s taught us with your heart.

I hope all my beautiful children children and their families are doing well at this time. I would like to remind all parents about our class Seesaw app. Through this app we will be continuing to explore, imagine, discover as I collaborate with you for the continuation of your child’s educational growth. If you have not signed in yet please email me and I will walk you through the steps and send you your child’s code. Continue to pray through these difficult time and encourage your child to pray.  God hears the prayers of little children. God Bless You 

Schedule/Flow of the Day

Here are some things to follow to establish a schedule/flow of the day for your children to follow at home:

9:00AM– Meet and greet my students.

9:15AM– Get prepared to begin our day.

9:20AM-10:00AM Circle Time ; Lesson – Introduction- we say our prayers, pledge, God Bless America, morning songs :”Good Morning to You”, “We Have Made Some Brand New Friends”, “Days of the Week”, “Months of the year, weather, alphabet, counting songs, greet our class pets, introduce ourselves, share experiences from the day before. Introduce lesson for the day. Students then work on lesson taught.

10:00AM-10:15AM Prayer/wash hands snack

10:20AM- 10:45AM Center Time, Students are allowed to chose a center for playtime.

10:50AM-11:00AM Circle/Story Time, get 1/2 day students ready for dismissal.

11:05Am-11:20AM Hands on activities, crafts, playdoh, etc.

11:25AM-12:20PM Lunch/ Movie

12:30PM-1:00PM Quiet/Rest Time, children are allowed to nap or read a book.

1:05PM-1:30PM Enrichment/Cross Motor Music/ Dancing, Arts and Crafts/ Computers.

1:35PM -1:55PM Circle Time/Story Time, prepare for dismissal, daily review and prayer.

2:00PM– Dismissal.

We will get through this with God’s help. Pray more, worry less.

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

I know this a difficult time for you and the rest of us as we try to cope with this pandemic that has befallen us. 

The last time I saw your beautiful children was on Wednesday, March 11th and I cherish the memories of their adorable faces. I miss them dearly already and will hold them and you in my prayers. 

I know it is going to be difficult for you to keep your children occupied during the day. So I would like to tell 
you a few things to keep their skills up during this time when we are off. We will be closed from March 16th – April 20th until further notice.

Find time to read books with your kids. Encourage your children to talk about pictures predict what will happen next in a story and what characters feel. Take your children outside if possible, and talk about whatever catches your children’s attention as an exercise in language skills.

I know you might be tempted to hand over your Iphone or Ipad to your children to quiet them but remember too much of this is not good for their language and cognitive development. Instead give them Playdoh, art supplies , audio books or even homemade recordings of you reading their favorite books.

Try to keep as much normalcy for your children as you can, while explaining to them this is how things will have to be for a while. 

Remind them that I love them very much and I am thinking of them everyday until I see them again.

You can email me with any comments. questions or photos at:


Here are some helpful learning websites for you to use with your children.





***I kindly request that all my students and their families put special time aside, at 9 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm to start a special prayer circle for our school community and beyond. Jesus and our Blessed Mother always listen to their little children. *** As we pray let us think about with all our hearts, all those suffering, all those caring for the sick, and for the protection of all.  Below is the prayer created from our beloved Pope Francis to Mary during the Corona Virus Pandemic, that I ask we all pray together .