Early dismissal

Please note that Wednesday will be early dismissal at 12:30.

Thursday and Friday are full school days.  Please bring lunch.


Just a few reminders

Please read, sign and return the last page of the Student/Parent Handbook that is on the school’s website.

The nurse is asking all parents to return their child’s physical forms as soon as possible.

I will be collecting Snack Money at the beginning of each month. November snack money is past due ( $8.00 ) cash only.

Gym is Monday therefore children need to wear their gym uniform and sneakers.

On Fridays students will be going to technology class. Please print out, sign and return the appropriate use of technology form found on the school website. If you have not already done so your child will not be given a tablet or allowed to participate!!!


All Kindergarten students need to wear their complete school uniform every day.   Students need to wear their school ties and school shoes. Sneakers are not to be worn with a school uniform. Please remember students need to wear winter uniforms, no polo shirts.

I am very proud of all of my student’s progress in ELA and math. In ELA we are working hard on sentence structure, blending sounds and reading our sight words during guided reading groups. Our sight word this week is go. As usual I will teach your child a kinesthetic motion for the word. Please review previous sight words as well. Our letter of the week is Ii. I have also taught students to tap out letter sounds to blend and say words. Please practice this skill with them at home. On Friday we will have a test on Unit 2 in ELA. In math we are learning numbers 6 through ten.

Please sign and return the ELA unit 1 test and well as the math chapter 3 quiz.

Please review homework and read every night to your child. Please read and re-read the sight word poem with your child along with the previous sight word poems. Remember kindergarten is all about repetition!

  • I have provided each child with a homework notebook for ELA in which they will complete their homework each night. In the notebook they will write sentences using sight words and brainstorm words for the letter of the week. Any worksheets will be stapled to pages inside the notebook. The notebook must be returned with the completed homework everyday !



Math- number 10 worksheet

ELA- sight word poems/ write the sight word go 3x


Math- Sadlier pgs. 129& 130

ELA- read sight word poems/ letter Ii worksheet/ Wonders pg. 78


Math- Sadlier pgs. 133& 134

ELA- read sight word poems/ write sentence using the sight word go/ letter Ii worksheet


Math- Sadlier pgs. 138, 139 & 140

ELA- Scholastic sight word go worksheet/ write words that begin with the letter Ii/ read sight word poems



4th Grade

4th Grade Homework

1) Read for 20-25 minutes. Fill out book log.

2) Religion Take Home Test Due Monday.

3) Vocab test Monday aunot 2 words from the workbook.


5th Grade Homework

1) Read for 20-25 minutes. Fill out book log.

2) compare and contrast chart from the workbook.