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with Ms. Christina

Dear Kindergarten Parents/Guardians,

     Kindergarten is an exciting milestone in the life of a child.  Here at St. Athanasius Catholic Academy we are committed to developing a strong foundation for our students as they begin their journey through formal education. Our students interact in an environment where learning is fun and meaningful. We aim to develop self-confidence and academic excellence in every student through a rigorous curriculum that adheres to the Common Core State Standards and meets the needs of students in the 21st century.

Please feel free to e-mail at (e-mail is available for questions, concerns or to set up a conference)

Class Supplies

1-  two-pocket folder.

5-  sharpened pencils.

1-  sharpener.

2-  erasers.

2-  glue sticks.

1-  child proof scissors.

1-  box of crayola crayons ( 8 colors ) only.

1-  hard plastic pencil box with your child’s name on it. Large enough to hold above supplies.

1-  pack of white index cards ( 3 x 5 in) to be used for sight words.

1-  box of zip- lock baggies ( sandwich size) to keep sight words in.

1-  activity book to be used during free time. You can purchase it at Dollar Tree discount stores.

1-  coloring book to be used during free time. You can purchase it at Dollar Tree discount stores.

1-  small toy to be kept in their school bag to play with during free time. Children will not be sharing toys in the classroom.

A cloth mask for your child to wear in the classroom.

A pack of tissues for your child to use only. It will be kept with them at the table/desk where your child is sitting.

A small bottle of hand sanitizer  for your child to use only. It will be kept with them at the table/desk where your child is sitting. 

1-  box of tissues.

2-  rolls of paper towels.

2-  cans of Lysol spray.

1-  bottle of hand soap.

1-  bottle of hand sanitizer ( pump ).

Clorox wipes.

Baby wipes.

These items may have to be replenished during the school year . 

Uniforms:  Kindergarten children will be permitted to wear either the regular school uniform or the school  gym uniform.  If your child wears the school uniform, they need to know how to button and zipper their pants, and buckle their belt.  Student must be able to tie their own shoe laces, since they are still young I suggest velcro sneakers.  PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING! (Mittens, boots, sweatshirts, etc.)  Labeling saves tears. No nail polish or jewelry!

Backpacks:  Student backpacks should be large enough to fit a folder, and projects.  Please place something on your child’s backpack to help them identify their backpack.  Please place a key ring on the main zipper.  The children have difficulty finding their belongings in multi-zippered backpacks.

Change of Clothes:  Please send in a complete change of clothes (including undergarments) in a Ziploc/Hefty bag labeled with your child’s name.  Any clothes sent home for washing should be replaced on the next day of school.

Absent Notes:  You must send in a note for your child’s absence when he/she returns to school.

Lunch & Snack:  Lunch will be eaten in the classroom.  Lunch boxes may be used; however, place your child’s snack in a separate bag so that they may easily identify it as their afternoon snack and not eat everything at lunch time. Unopened food/drinks will be returned home. Please do not send in glass bottles, food that needs to be heated or soda.

*It is important that we practice social distancing in the classroom and avoid contact with each other, therefore these steps need to be followed:

     -Please explain to your child that a face mask needs to be kept on in the classroom.

     -Please explain to your child that they need to stay in their chair. Children are not permitted to walk around classroom. However, children will have breaks to exercise at their seats.

     -Please teach your child how to properly wash their hands.

     -Please teach your child to take care of their bathroom needs.


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