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Welcome to Ms. DeLessio’s Kindergarten 🙂

Just a few reminders

Snack Money is due for October ( $8.00 cash only). If you would like to pay for the year ( $80.00 cash only).

The Kindergarten students will be having Gym on Thursdays. Therefore, the students need to wear their gym uniform and sneakers on Thursdays to school.

Please check your child’s schoolbag everyday. 

Students need to be dressed in full uniform everyday including a tie and school shoes. Sneakers are not to be worn with a school uniform.

Winter uniforms will begin on Wednesday, October 16th. Therefore, no polo shirts are to be worn

Thursday, October 24th:  Class Picture Day- Students must be in Full Uniform for class pictures Not gym uniform.

Friday, October 25th: Individual Picture Day- Students can dress-up or wear their school uniform.

Candy Money from our Candy Sale is past due. Please send in your $60.00.

Pumpkin Painting money is due ($7.00 ) by Oct. 25th.

Friday, November 1st: there is a 12:30 dismissal. No Lunch. Please be prompt picking up your child.

Friday, November 8th: School Closed. Professional Day for teachers.

Monday, November 11th: Veteran’s Day. School Closed.

Each student needs to bring in a pair of earbuds for Computer class. Please put the earbuds in a small baggie with your child’s name on it.

During lunchtime, ice cream will be sold. If you like your child to have ice cream , then you may put $1.00 in their lunch box to buy ice cream.

The children have been practicing how to put on their sweaters and coats. Please practice at home how to button and zipper their coats.

Homework for the week of Oct. 21st – Oct. 25th:


ELA- write sight words 3 times each in notebook ( we, see, a ).

Math- pg. 84


ELA- pg. 50

Math- pg. 86


ELA- poetry sight word pg. 19 ( like ).

Math- pg. 88


ELA- pg. 52

Math- pg. 90


ELA- re-read story ( A Walk ) , pg. 66 ( like ).

Math- pg. 92

Homework needs to be done in pencil only. Students need to write their name on all homework sheets.

Sight word ring is to be reviewed with your child and returned the next day.

Please remember church on Sundays.

Thank you for your support and cooperation to myself and St. Athanasius Catholic Academy.





























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