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Welcome to Ms. DeLessio’s Kindergarten 🙂

Just a few reminders:


Please read, sign and return the last page of the Student/Parent Handbook that is on the school’s website.

The nurse is asking all parents to return their child’s physical forms as soon as possible.

I will be collecting Snack Money at the beginning of each month. April snack money is due ( $8.00 ) cash only.

Thursday is Gym, therefore children need to wear their gym uniform and sneakers.



All Kindergarten students need to wear their complete school uniform every day.   Students need to wear their school ties and school shoes. Sneakers are not to be worn with a school uniform. Please remember students need to  wear winter uniforms, no polo shirts.

We will be using Mathletics in the classroom. Therefore, your child has brought home his/her username and password so that they can also use Mathletics at home on a computer or I-Pad. Please keep these cards in a safe place at home. Kindergarten A has been using their I-pads in the classroom. They are doing a wonderful job working on Education City and Mathletics. Many Kindergarten-A students have received certificates for reaching 1000 plus points in Mathletics. Their certificates are displayed in the hallway by our classroom. Keep up the good work!

Their writing and reading skills have been improving everyday. I am very proud of my Kindergarten class.


The Kindergarten children have been working hard in Math and reading.  In Math, we  are beginning a new chapter called Subtraction Within 10.  And in ELA, we are learning letter sounds, blending those sounds into words and sentence structure. Please help your child at home to reinforce these skills that are taught in class. Please check your child’s homework book every night and read the directions carefully before signing homework.
Please review homework and read every night to your child. Review sight words on their sight word rings.

Also, we have begun the season of Lent. In the classroom, we have been having discussions about how we can follow Jesus. Please remember to bring your child to church on Sundays during this special time.

Homework for the week of  April 15th- April 17th:

Monday: ELA-  worksheet pg. 17

Math- pg. 388

Tuesday: ELA- worksheet pg. 76
Math- pg. 390

Wednesday: ELA- worksheet pg. 14
Math- pg. 392

Thursday: ELA- /
Math- /

Friday: ELA-  /
Math- /

Children should print their name on the homework. Please use a pencil when doing homework and return homework the next day. Also, parents need to sign homework.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th- is the new date for our class trip to Aviator Green Meadows Farm. I apologize for any inconvenience due to unforeseen circumstances. If you already sent in the money and permission slip please send in the NEW permission slip for this date. If you paid for yourself as a chaperone and can no longer attend please write me a note so that the fee can be returned. Please note that everyone needs to hand in the new signed permission slip. Chaperones were picked on a first come first serve basis. No more chaperones needed. 

The following parents will be coming on our trip: Mrs. Grippo,  Mrs. Stabile,  Mrs. Gouldsbury,  Mrs. Corbo,  Mrs. Cordero,  Mrs. Mestizo,  Mrs. Mancini,  Mrs. Bullara,  Mrs. Vitale,  Mrs. McGowan,  Mrs. LaMela. 

Thank you to all parents that offered to come but were not picked due to limited space on the bus.

Also, payment and permission slips Will Not be accepted after Wednesday, April 10th.

Monday, April 15th: Breakfast with the Easter Bunny- Permission slip and money due by April 10th.

April 18th- April 28th: Easter Recess. School Closed.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter!



I truly thank you for your cooperation and support to St. Athanasius Catholic Academy.

Please remember church on Sundays.











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