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A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than others. But each one flies the best it can. Why compare one to another? Each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful. – Author Unknown


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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are now in the third trimester of the school year!  Thank you to all the parents who met with me for parent/teacher conferences on March 21 to discuss your child’s progress.  When parents and teachers collaborate and work together as a team it certainly helps your child’s educational experience.  

The Learning Center is a unique program offered at St. Athanasius Catholic Academy that accommodates the needs of different types of learners.  The Learning Center offers learning opportunities in a small group setting and promotes creative learning experiences.   

As the Learning Center Coordinator, I work closely with students who need extra help or reinforcement of different content areas they are learning in the classroom.  In addition, I work with students who have IEP’s to ensure the modifications and accommodations they are entitled to are fulfilled.  I advocate and work as the liaison with the Department of Education to ensure all paperwork is up-to-date and that your child is receiving the services he or she is entitled to.  In order to fulfill the services recommended on the IEP, it is necessary that parents provide me with copies of the child’s IEP, any testing results, SETSS (P4 Form) and/or any other important paperwork so that your child’s needs can be addressed.  

If you have any concerns regarding your child and would like to come in to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me at the school 718-236-4791 or by email gauricchio@stathanasiusacademy.org and I can make an appoint with you.  

Please know that your child’s education is extremely important and if we work together as a team we can accomplish great things.  

Looking forward to  a wonderful school year!

A complete version of the Learning Center Policy Statement is here. | Great Educational Websites

Mrs. Gina Auricchio
Learning Center Coordinator/Special Education Teacher
B.A. Ed/M.S. General Education/M.S. Special Education 

Bring your children to Church to pray and strengthen their faith.


Important Dates -April 2019

Posted on May 2, 2017


April 2 – NYS – Day 1 – ELA Testing Grades 4,6, & 7

April 3 – NYS – Day 2 – ELA Testing Grades 4,6, & 7 

April 5 – Mass 9:00AM – All invited to attend 

April 11 – Spring Fling – El Caribe 

April 14  –  Palm Sunday

April 17 – Ester Recess Begins at Dismissal

April 18 – Holy Thursday

April 19 – Good Friday

April 21 – Happy Easter!!

April 29 – Classes resume

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Learning Center Weekly News

Posted on March 29, 2017


Kindergarten: Assessments ongoing.

1st Grade: In the Learning Center students in grade one are working on phonetic awareness, decoding and blending sounds.  Students are learning vowel sounds and practicing high frequency sight words.  Small group instruction targets student needs using the hands on approach to learning.  

2nd Grade:  In the Learning Center students in grade two are working on developing reading fluency and comprehension skills.  Student are learning reading strategies and learning how to apply strategies while reading to develop independent reading skills.  In addition, spelling words and mathematical concepts are reinforced.  

3rd Grade:  In the Learning Center students in grade three are working on learning different genres of literature and the key elements to identify each genre.  In addition, review of spelling and vocabulary words are done weekly to reinforce the content being taught in the classroom.     

4th Grade: In the Learning Center students in grade four are working on learning different types of reading strategies to help monitor comprehension and increase fluency skills.  In math, students are given multiplication drills to increase fluency and strengthen skills.  In addition, review of weekly spelling and vocabulary words help students for weekly tests.  In social studies, students learned to compare and contrast the Algonquins and Iroquois Native Americans using a Venn Diagram. 

5th Grade:  In the Learning Center students in grade five are working on reviewing math concepts such as composite and prime numbers, long division, multiplication of multi-digit number and math in the real world.  In addition, students planted seeds to better understand the parts of plant and the function of each plant part. 

6th Grade: In the Learning Center students in the sixth grade are working on improving grammar skills by reviewing conjunctions, independent and dependent clauses, prepositions and the parts of speech.  In math, students practiced multiplying and dividing numbers with decimals.  Students were introduced to the steps in the writing process. 

7th Grade:   In the Learning Center students in grade seven are receiving Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in math and reading.  Instruction is targeted to teach students reading and math strategies to build skills. 

8th Grade:  In the Learning Center students in grade eight are working on reviewing mathematical concepts being taught in class such as scientific notation, slope, unit rates.   Students are learning to take notes to identify the main ideas of social studies topics.   


The C-U-B-E-S Math Strategy will be used academy wide for math problem solving in all grades.  The students will use this strategy to solve word problems by using the above steps.  This mnemonic device will help aid the students memory so they can tackle the problems effectively.  

Student Centered – Small Group – Hands-On Learning

Posted on November 29, 2016

Student Centered Learning…

  • Students work in small groups

  • Students engage in hands-on activities

  • Students work on differentiated activities


Students learn place value using manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction facts.  

Students write spelling words on the white board practicing listening skills as teacher dictates the words.


Little scientists explore the inside of a pumpkin and examine the seeds using magnifying lenses.  


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