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A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than others. But each one flies the best it can. Why compare one to another? Each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful. – Author Unknown







I encourage all to continue to pray to our Blessed Mother to watch and protect us.  

Welcome to Mrs. Auricchio’s page!!

Email:  gauricchio@stathanasiusacademy.org

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we approach June, it is hard to believe the end of this school year is almost here.  The third trimester is  in full swing and we are working toward meeting our  goals.  I encourage you to please contact me if you have any questions or need to speak with me regarding your child’s progress.  I am here to help and support any of your concerns.  I can be reached at the school at 718-236-4791. 

There are Title 1 programs for reading, math and academic counseling being offered remotely to give students extra support in these content areas.  The Title 1 program is being offered by “Learn it” so if you are contacted by the program director you can take advantage of these services for your child. In addition, there will be a extended year program also offered as well by “Learn it” and those students who are recommended will have the opportunity to attend.  More information will follow regarding the extended year summer program. 

 As the Academic Intervention Teacher in the Learning Center, I am working very closely with my students to give them the academic support and guidance they need to receive the best education possible. 

Although this year has been different from prior years, we will get through this by working together with the common goal of educating your children while keeping everyone’s safety in mind.  Please speak with your children about the importance of wearing masks and social distancing while in school.  Your child should have a small hand sanitizer with them at their desk so they can sanitize their hands frequently.   

A special thank you, to the parents and guardians for helping their children meet the challenge while learning remotely at home during the pandemic.  Overnight the parents became teachers at home, along with your children learning Google Classroom and how to submit assignments.  Your dedication helped the process run smoothly and I thank you so much  for working together with me to give your child the best education possible. 


The Learning Center is a unique program offered at St. Athanasius Catholic Academy that accommodates the needs of different types of learners.  It offers learning opportunities in a small group setting and promotes positive learning experiences for all students.  The primary purpose of the Learning Center is to reinforce, review and practice basic reading/writing and math skills in a small group setting using a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning.  In addition, the Learning Center can accommodate the needs of students with IEP’s on an individualized basis provided the academy can offer equitable services.  

While attending the Learning Center, students will realize through positive reinforcement and hard work that it is important to believe that they have the ability to learn and achieve their goals.  This experience will enable students to develop self-confidence so they will be able to do the best they can to succeed.  

As the Learning Center Coordinator, I work closely with students who need extra help or reinforcement of  various content areas they are learning in their classrooms.  I work with students who have IEP’s to ensure the modifications and accommodations are fulfilled.  I advocate and work as the liaison with the Department of Education to ensure all paperwork is up-to-date and attend annual IEP phone conferences so that your child receives the necessary services.

In order to fulfill the services recommended on the IESP, it is necessary that parents provide me with copies of current IESP’s , any testing results, SETSS (P4 Forms which you will receive in late August) and /or any other important paperwork so that your child’s needs can be addressed.   

If you have any concerns regarding your child that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me at the school 718-236-4791 or by email gauricchio@stathanasiusacademy.org and I can make an appointment to meet with you.   

Please know that your child’s education is extremely important and if we work together as a team we can accomplish great things.  

A complete version of the Learning Center Policy Statement is here. | Great Educational Websites

Mrs. Gina Auricchio
Learning Center Coordinator/Special Education Teacher
B.A. Ed/M.S. General Education/M.S. Special Education 

Students who attend the Learning Center will need the following supplies:

1- Notebook – Spiral or Composition – 100 pages

1- Pack of White 3×5 Index Cards 

5 – Number 2 Pencils

1- Box of Tissues

1- Baby Wipes

1- Clorox Wipes*

1- Hand Sanitizer*

*I know there is a shortage of these items, so if you cannot find them it is fine.  If you can find a disinfectant spray that would be fine. 

In addition, please provide your child with a small hand sanitizer and a small pack of tissues to have with them at their desk so they can use it when necessary without getting up and down.  

*** Two Pocket folders and loose leaf paper will be provided for students*** 




Bring your children to Church to pray and strengthen their faith.

 Ways to help your child succeed in school…

Attend back-to -school night and parent/teacher conferences.

Visit the school and the school website.

Support homework expectations.

Send your child to school ready to learn.

Teach organizational skills.

Teach study skills.

Know the disciplinary policies.

Get involved. 

Take attendance seriously.

Take the time to talk about school with your child.  


Important Dates – May 2021

Posted on May 2, 2017


Dates to be posted!

Help Raise Money for our Academy by collecting box tops!

Send in Box Tops for Education and help our school earn money! The new Box Top Labels can be scanned, no more clipping!


Learning Center Weekly News

Posted on March 29, 2017


Kindergarten: On-going student assessments in reading and math.

1st Grade: The 1st grade students are working on Dolch Sight words weekly which will improve reading fluency skills.  Phonetic awareness and vowel sounds are also being reinforced.  In addition, reviewing math concepts and literacy strategies are being reviewed.  

2nd Grade: The 2nd grade students are working on reviewing weekly spelling words, math concepts, literacy strategies and writing.  Each week the lessons are aligned with the lessons being taught in class. 

3rd Grade: The 3rd grade students are working on applying literacy strategies when reading across all subject areas to improve reading fluency and comprehension skills.  Math concepts such as multiplication and division skills are being reviewed and practiced.  

4th Grade: The 4th grade students are working on reviewing weekly spelling words, math concepts, reading and writing skills.  Visual aids are used to help students gain a deeper understanding of the spelling words and make more of a connection to the words so they can use them when speaking and writing.  In math, review of multiplication and division facts is important in order to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.  

5th Grade:   The 5th grade students are working on reviewing weekly spelling, words, math concepts, reading and writing skills.  Visual aids are used to help students gain a deeper understanding of the spelling words and make more of a connection to the words so they can use them when speaking and writing.  In math, review of multiplication and division facts is important to build fluency skills which will help when problem solving.  Using the C-U-B-E-S Strategy will help with word problems.

6th Grade: The 6th grade students are working on reviewing math and reading skills.  In math, reviewing long division and the steps necessary to solve ling division problems is helping the students become more proficient.  Multiplication with decimals is also being reviewed.  In ELA, we are working on weekly vocabulary words and applying those words when writing and speaking.  In addition, application of literacy strategies is helping students improve comprehension skills across all subject areas. 

7th Grade:   The 7th grade students are working on reviewing math,  reading, and writing  skills.  In math, we are reviewing weekly concepts taught in class.  In ELA, we are working on weekly vocabulary words and making those words become a part of daily vocabulary.  In addition, the application of literacy strategies across all subject areas will help improve comprehension skills.

8th Grade:     The 8th grade students are working on reviewing math, reading, and writing skills.  In math, we are reviewing daily concepts taught in class that are aligned with the New Generation Standards.  In ELA, we are working in the progress book on weekly concepts being taught as well as vocabulary workshop.  In addition, we are reviewing for upcoming tests and quizzes.   


The C-U-B-E-S Math Strategy will be used academy wide for math problem solving in all grades.  The students will use this strategy to solve word problems by using the above steps.  This mnemonic device will help aid the students memory so they can tackle the problems effectively.  

Student Centered – Small Group – Hands-On Learning

Posted on November 29, 2016

Student Centered Learning…

  • Students work in small groups

  • Students engage in hands-on activities

  • Students work on differentiated activities


Students learn place value using manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction facts.  

Students write spelling words on the white board practicing listening skills as teacher dictates the words.


Little scientists explore the inside of a pumpkin and examine the seeds using magnifying lenses.  


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