Middle School Math


This summer is an opportunity for students to continue learning and growing. We want to help ensure that your students continue their learning momentum during the summer months.

With Freckle, your students work at their “just right” level with the practice that meets them where they are. As students practice independently, Freckle continuously adapts and provides learning opportunities that keep them engaged. Best of all, Freckle works with all types of summer learning, including formal and informal instructional programs and summer school, school and community-based enrichment programs, and even independent learning opportunities.

Students should practice for at least an hour every day. This will count as their first math homework grade in September.

Freckle Codes: (Codes can also be found in the student’s Google Classroom Accounts)

Grade 6:  28cmhb
Grade 7:  b68z7n
Grade 8:  hy8k93



****September Math Supplies List****

Math supplies need to be replenished during the year. 

The student should replace supplies as needed & should include his/her full name or initials on all items.

Links have been included for guideline purposes only.        


  • All workbooks must be covered with contact paper.
  • Due to COVID regulations supplies can not be shared.