5th Grade 2018/2019 School Year



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If you need to get in touch with me, my email is ksomma@stathanasiusacademy.org  if you would like me to get in touch with you via email, send me an email with your email.

Scholastic Book Orders online.  If you would like to order Scholastic books for your student online, you can use the class code PJDLZ.  


We are collecting BOXTOPS.  Many of your favorite products have boxtop promotions,  if you cut off the tops and send them into school with
your student, our school can get many perks, which will benefit everyone.  



5th Grade Weekly Schedule

MondayItalian    Please make sure homework is done on Sunday night

Tuesday Art          Art boxes are due, please make sure your child’s art supplies are in school

ThursdayGym         Sneakers must be worn, as well as St. Athanasius gym attire.

Friday –  Computer Lab     Students need ear buds to be able to use sound when working on the computer.

ATTENTION PARENTS – If your student brings home books to complete their homework, please make sure they bring them back to school the next morning.

Parents –  Your students notebooks will be collected at the end of each trimester for a grade.  To get the best score possible, the students need to make sure each page has a heading, is written neatly and the work is complete.  This is a great way to bump up a grade, or lower a grade.  So please stress the importance of taking care of  notebooks  and handing them in with pride.





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Enjoy the most Holy Week in Catholicism.  Have a Blessed Easter!

Homework for Wednesday,  April 17th

5th Grade

Social Studies – Presidents and First Ladies Report, You have your instruction sheet, Please do the report on oak tag, it is due the Monday you return to school, April 29th.  

Math – Math work sheets,  Sadlier math Lesson 13.4,  Progress Monitor book completed through page 55

Italian – Take home test, study the national anthem. 


4th Grade

Math – Math Packet,  Complete entire Progress Monitor.

ATTENTION PARENTS-  I have gotten some push back from parents who are unhappy the students have such a large packet of work for the break.  Unfortunately upon our return the students will take the state math exam.  I agree, it was poor planning by the state, but it is what it is.  We want to keep the student’s skills as sharp as possible.  Please have the students do a few pages a day, as to stay sharp.    If you are traveling the packet and workbook can fit quite easily in their luggage.  Thank you for your cooperation. 






5th Grade

Italian – Take home test, complete,  Practice National Anthem 


4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook Lesson 14.1 – 14.2 ,  Progress Monitor  complete through page 100




Homework for Monday, April 15th

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier workbook Lesson  13.3


4th Grade

Math – Progress Monitor completed through page  80





Homework for Friday, April 12th

5th Grade

Social Studies  –  Text The Mile High City  page 272 vocabulary, define and sentences.   Page 278  What do You Think  answer 1 – 5 Write each question and answer in full sentences.  

Math – Sadlier  Workbook Lesson 13.2   progress Monitor complete through page 40


4th Grade

Math – Progress Monitor  




Homework for Thursday, April 11th

5th Grade


Religion – 256 – 257



4th Grade

Math – Progress Monitor complete up to page 60




Homework for Wednesday, April 10th 

Mathletics is having a competition.  We have been challenged to b e number one in the school.  

Math –  Sadlier Math Workbook 12.9

Remember your non perishable food item for the food pantry.

4th Grade

Math – Progress Monitor  Finish through page 50.  Remember this book will be collected at the end of the trimester for a grade.  



Homework for Friday,  April 5th 

5th Grade 

Math –   Progress Monitor  completed through page 30

Social Studies –  For Easter Break, President Project.  We will be doing the research in class,  and if we have time,  will start the project writing in class.

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook Lesson 17.6  and 17.7,  Progress Monitor finish through page 30

Math Test Tuesday,  Angles and fractions.  



Homework for Thursday,  April 4th  

5th Grade

NEW COMPETITION – Our class has many story cards that will improve our reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills.  Our new challenge is to do them all.  For each 7 cards you complete . you will receive a dress down pass.   In order to receive the pass, the card has to be fully completed ,  with a heading on loose leaf paper, and write out each question and answer.    

ATTENTION PARENTS: We are participating in the Bread of Life Food Drive,  Please send in a few on perishable food items.  Cans, pasta peanut butter,  anything that will help a family in need.  Count your blessings this Lent and help.  The dollar stores carry canned goods and pocket money can get a few cans.  



4th Grade

Math –   Fraction worksheet,  progress Monitor  finish through page 19



Homework for Wednesday, April 3rd

5th Grade

Math –  Math Test Tomorrow on decimals, adding, subtracting, place value,  multiplying . 



4th Grade

Math – Math Test Tomorrow on fractions, lines and angles.  



Homework for Tuesday,  April 2nd

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook  Lesson 12.1 and 12.4 

Social Studies – Text page 260  Vocabulary, define and sentences, write the states and their capitals,  page  279  Geography and 


4th Grade

Good Work on your testing today,  have a good dinner, go to bed early, and a healthy breakfast.  Bring in 2 number 2 pencils.




Congratulations to our Math Bee winner   Irene Zheng . She will be representing our school on April 2nd, at Our Lady of Angels.   Our runner up is Carmine DeVito,  he  will fulfill the role as winner if our winner cannot make it.  Congratulations to them,  and all our contestants,  as well as all who practiced for the bee.  We worked very hard and honed up our math skills, so I think we are all winners.  Go St. A’s


Homework for Friday, March 29th 

5th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Workbook  Lesson  11.6



4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Text 362 -365,  Work book Lesson  16.6





SUPPLY LIST  5TH GRADERS 2018/2019 school year


7 Composition notebooks,  no spirals please

2 folders

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones

Pencil case



Blue or black pens

4 book socks for text books

Roll of clear contact paper


Markers optional, but the students love them

Glue or glue stick


The students need an art box.  You can get a plastic one in the dollar store, but a large sneaker box works just as well.

SUPPLIES FOR THE CLASSROOM   These items are very important in helping our classroom function daily.

1 pack of loose-leaf paper 

2 boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer

2 Paper towels

Hand soap

1 ream of computer paper

Clorox wipes  for cleaning

Baby wipes for washing hands

1 sandwich size Ziploc bags


1 Pack of dry erase markers

Ink for our in class printer.  It would be great if you get together with other parents  and can purchase the ink.  

Our printer is an HP office Jet Pro 6968

It uses HP 902


Attention 4th and 5th graders.   Future 5th and 6th graders

Everyone enjoy summer, but please be aware of the dreaded summer disease,  “mush brain.”  Don’t be afraid children, mush brain can be cured and even prevented.  How,  you might ask?  Well, that’s easy.  In order for your brain to stay in shape and not turn to mush, sludge,  mud,  or even glue, you simply  have to keep using it.   

I have a few tips, actually requests, 

Firstly, if you are still having trouble with your times table, and there are a few, you know who you are.  Please get a pack of index cards and make a set of flash cards for the times tables you are having trouble with.  Please don’t go into 5th and  6th grade missing this very important skill. Practice them many times a day, have family members test you on them.  You also can get a deck of playing cards, turn over two at a time and multiply them.  It’s a fun game to play sitting by the pool, or sitting in the air conditioner.  

Secondly,  I don’t believe in giving summer homework,  that students finish  in two days.  Do you know what can happen if you do that?  MUSH BRAIN.  I like when students work for about an hour a day during the summer, not including reading.   Reading should be a fun activity for the summer. I myself,  plan on having my nose  in a book most of the summer.  Working an hour a day keeps your brain in shape.  

So,  this is what  you need  to do.

  I want you to get a composition notebook from the 99 cent store or if you have an old one with a good amount of pages in it.     I want you to record with a date and the time you spent exercising your brain.  It’s a log of time and activity of what  you did to keep your brain active in the summer.  It can be anything you like,  read, play word games, drill times table, play math games with cards, go onto Mathletics, name the US states in order and check your time and try to improve your time over the summer, or just do a search on any topic that interests you.   Your log should have the date, duration of time spent doing the task,  and explain  what you did, in a full sentence or two.  Be honest, don’t  just write things down.  You should have at least 30 entries of exercises you did.   This is due the day you return to school in September.  It will count as your first grade of the year.  














Welcome to the 5th Grade

Posted on August 17, 2017

Image result for back to school logoI hope everyone had a magnificent summer.   I spent some of my summer planning some exciting things we can do to make learning even more fun.  I hope you all kept up on your reading and math skills.  That will help us get a jump start on 5th grade,  and all the new topics we will tackle.  Our fist priority is getting our classroom in order.  I will be heading to school the last week in August to do just that.  You can help too.  Below is a list of items that will put you on the right track, for  starting the year on the right foot.  Please bring these items the first day of school.  

8 notebooks  (no spiral notebooks please)


Pens  (blue or black)  

3 Folders  

2 Book Socks  (for covering texts)

Clear contact paper (for covering workbooks)




Box for art class (plastic is great, but a decorated shoe box works fine) Please see the Art page for items for the art box.

Pack of computer paper

2 Boxes of Tissues  (Very important, students using a tissue cuts spreading of germs)

Roll of paper towels

Hand Sanitizer 

Baby wipes (for hands and face) 

Clorox wipes (for classroom surfaces) 





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