5th Grade 2018/2019 School Year

Mrs.  Kathy Somma

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can call the office at 718-236-4791 to set up an appointment, or I  could call you back after or before school hours.  You can also email at ksomma@stathanasiusacademy.org I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Our Weekly Schedule

Monday – Italian,  Bring a notebook

Tuesday – Art,  Art boxes are due and a notebook

Wednesday – Computer Lab,  Bring your earbuds/head phones

Thursday – Gym, Gym attire is a must. Sneakers and gym uniform


Volunteers –  We are looking for family volunteers.  You can join us at your convenience.  We need people for lunch duty, morning duty, door duty,  and helping out in some classrooms.  Please choose to help. It  gives your child a sense of pride seeing their family at school  helping.  As well as  leading by a wonderful example.

 To quote a wise man, “Preach the Gospel, sometimes use words”

DISMISSAL,  I’m sure you have noticed, our class is being dismissed at the 61st Street parking lot gate.  It is much safer since,we will not have an issue with cars trying to pull out of the lot while students are walking.   Thank you so much for  your cooperation in making this possible. 

If you would like your child to walk home on their own, that is no problem.  We need a note stating that you want your child to walk home on their own, for the entire year.  

ARRIVAL,  Our school is open for students at 7:50am, rain or shine. The parking lot will not have supervision until 7:50am.  Please drop your children off no earlier.  



On our half days, students will be  released at 12:30pm, from the parking lot gates.    There will be NO lunch on those days and no after school programs.  

HOMEWORK ,  Please be advised that being absent or going home early is not an excuse for not doing homework. The homework should be posted and each child has a work buddy.  They should talk to their buddy and get any notes and homework they missed. 


ATTENTION PARENTS – Your student has been born into an era of  great opportunity.  They have information and communication at their fingertips, with immediate answers.  That opportunity comes with a price.  The price is, it’s very hard to have an excuse not to do their homework.  They cannot use the same old excuses I did when I was   a kid.  I left my book in school, I was absent and didn’t have my book,  I went to my Grandmas house and left my books home, whatever, they all  can be fixed with texting a classmate and asking them to take  a picture of the page. There you go immediate answer.  I will even help out if you forget your book in school, email me and I will send a copy of the page over ASAP.  

ART – If your student still has not gotten a complete art box, they need to,  ASAP.  They will have many projects throughout the year and they need their own supplies.  




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Homework for Friday, October 18th 



5th  Grade

Mass for Madison’s mom,

5th grade will be supporting their classmate and attend the funeral Mass of Madison’s mom.  The Mass will be  Monday at 9:30am at St. Athanasius.  We will be attending  Mass together, if parents would like to sit with their child,  they may sit with us as well.  Students received a permission slip today.  The note  MUST be signed and returned on Monday No student will be permitted to attend the Mass without written permission.   It will be difficult,  but a wonderful show of support for their friend.  

Due to a few classes attending Mass on Monday, we will be postponing the last day of Terra Nova until Tuesday.  

October 25th is the Halloween Dance at our school.  Please be a part of the festivities.  Payment is past due.  

Candy money is also past due, please make payment ASAP

Religion – Saint of the Week is due Monday,  Please write the essay in your notebook.  Remember heading,  a title,  indent the paragraph, and most important, use your own words.  Read the information, then say it like you would say it.  You don’t want anyone putting words in your mouth. 


4th Grade



Homework for Thursday, October 17th

Terra Nova testing this week, please make sure your student gets a good night’s rest,  has a good breakfast, and has two #2 pencils.

5th Grade

Math – Worksheet

Social Studies – Finish your map on the 5 boroughs

4th Grade



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Columbus Day Parade

Terra Nova testing this week, please make sure your student gets a good night’s rest,  has a good breakfast, and has two #2 pencils.

Homework for Tuesday, October 15th

Mathletics Homework for 4th and 5th  from the weekend:  I wish I could tell you why we had so much trouble. A possible answer is I did the work from my phone.  I’m sorry to have caused a problem.  I will add an activity today and see if it works.   

5th Grade  

Great work today on the 1st day of Terra Nova Testing

Art – It has come to my attention, some students still don’t have an art box with supplies.  Parents please check with your student, and make sure they are prepared for art class.  

Religion –  Saints of the Week essays were due today. If you have not completed your essay on the saint of your choice, please do so tonight, in your notebook.  For each day you are late, you lose 5 points.

Attn Parents: Your students Religion, Social Studies and Science notebooks will be collected for a grade at the end of each trimester.  If the notebooks are kept neat and all work included, it’s an easy way to bump up your grade.  If not completed, it’s an easy way to bring down your grade.  Please check with a classmate and compare notes.  


Homework for Friday, October 11th

Remember the Columbus Day Parade on 18th avenue Saturday,  JOIN US


5th Grade

Math –   Mathletics


4th Grade

Math –  Mathletics




Homework for Thursday,  October 10th  

5th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Math Text  Lesson  3.5

Social Studies – NYC Worksheet

Religion –  Workbook page 44 -45 Do the poem on page 44,  Write the Seven Sacraments in notebook and the key words in notebook, make sure to add a heading.


4th Grade

Math –   Worksheet




Homework for Wednesday, October 9th

5th Grade

Congratulations  to Victorian and David for being appointed our class representatives in the Student Council.  We know you will do a wonderful job.  

Math –   Math worksheets

Art – Self Portrait due Monday

Italian –  Sign up to walk in the Columbus Day Parade with your school.  


4th Grade

Math – Subtraction Text Tomorrow,  the test is cumulative, so expect some addition ,  place value, rounding  and comparing.  



Homework for Tuesday, October 8th

5th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Workbook  Lesson  3.4 

Religion – Complete classwork

Art – Make a portrait on blank paper,  Color it in with pencils. Due Tuesday,  October 15th.  Add a backing (construction paper)

ELA homework can be found on the 4th Grade page. 

4th Grade

Math –   Sadlier Workbook  Lesson 3.2 and 3.3,  Subtraction test Thursday



Homework for Monday, October 7th

5th Grade

Math –  Sadlier Math workbook  Lesson  3.3

Social Studies –   Text page 52 vocabulary write the definitions.

Art – Art test Lines and shapes and abstract art.





4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Text pages 42 and 43,  finish classwork.

Science –   Complete homework from Friday if you didn’t do so.

Homework for Friday,  October 4th

5th Grade

Math –   Math Progress pages 59 – 61

Social Studies – Finish the New York sheet and glue it in your notebooks

Science –  Vocabulary on page 26, you should have done the definition during the week, please make clear sentences. On  page 33 write the Visual Summary and complete the Think, Talk and Write.  write the questions.  

Religion –   Essay due Monday on the Saint of the Week

4th Grade

Math – Math  Progress pages  86 and 87

Science – Text page 26 vocabulary sentences,  you should have done definitions during the week.  Complete the Visual Summary in notebooks and complete the Think Talk and Write.



Homework for Thursday, October 3rd

5th Grade

Math –   Math packet due Friday, please make sure all work is completed.  Sadlier Math Workbook Lesson 3.2

Social Studies =  Test tomorrow

12:30 dismissal tomorrow, no lunch, no after school.   


4th Grade

Math –  Math packet due Friday, please make sure all work is completed.  Sadlier Math Workbook 



Homework for Wednesday, October 2nd

5th Grade

Math –   Math Packet due Friday, please complete at least half by tomorrow.  Addition and subtraction Test tomorrow.  

Social Studies  –   Friday,  Test on continents,  oceans,  geographic terms.

Religion –  Saint of the week research and/ or essay.    Please gather your research and put it into your own words.  Read the stories and learn about the saint.  then tell a story about what you learned.  Pretend you are talking to a friend and telling them about the saint.  


4th Grade

Math –   Math Packet due Friday, please complete at least half by tomorrow.  Addition Test Tomorrow



Homework for Tuesday,  October 1st

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook  Lesson 2.6

Art –  Art test next week  – lines, shapes and abstract art.

Science – Text Vocabulary on page 26, define

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook  Lesson 2.4


Homework for Monday,  September 30th

5th Grade

Math – Sdalier Workbook Lesson 2.5

Religion – Finish classwork pages 32 – 33  Read and do activity on page 33.  What good does the church do to  share the good news

Social Studies – Text page 14  Key terms, define and sentences or story using the words.  

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Workbook Lesson 2.3,   Progress workbook pages 83 – 85

Science – Text page 26 vocabulary, write the definitions for all words.  



Homework for Friday, September 27th

Go to Church on Sunday, say hello to Msgr.

5th Grade

Math –   Math packet, please get your test signed and return.

Religion – Saint of the Week is due Monday.  Please make sure to proof read your work before you hand it in.  

Computer –  We will be keeping our earphones in the computer room, so please get another set for our classroom.  They are only 1.00 in the dollar store.  I will purchase some headsets at the store this weekend.  If you would rather send your child to school with a dollar, I can get them a pair.   

4th Grade

Math –   Math packet, please get your test signed and return.  



Homework for Thursday, September 26th

5th Grade

Math –   

Religion – Make sure you have all your bullet points for your essay. 

4th Grade

Math – 


Homework for Wednesday, September 25th

5th Grade

Math Test Tomorrow.  Please look over your workbook,  the test will cover the  whole number and decimal place value chart, you will be asked to fill in the chart, standard, word and expanded form of numbers.  It will also cover comparing and ordering decimals and whole numbers, as well as converting decimals to fractions.

Social Studies –  Text pages 6 – 11  Write definitions and sentences from  keywords on page 6.  Also page 11 do questions 1 and 2, write the questions and give full answers.  

Religion – Start your research for the saint of the week. Make bullet points,  you know how many you need to make an interesting story.  

4th Grade

Math Test Tomorrow – Please look over your workbook,  the test will cover whole number  place value chart,  standard, word and expanded form of numbers.  It will also cover comparing and ordering  whole numbers, as well as rounding .  Study the place value chart,  you will need to fill in the entire chart through the millions period.  


Homework for Tuesday,  September 24th

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook Lesson 2. 4


4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook  Lesson 2.2


Homework for Monday, September 23rd

5th Grade

Math – Sadlier Workbook Lesson 2.3,  Finish your classwork , if not finished,  please do so.  

Religion –  Workbook page 28 – 29

Science –  Test tomorrow on the Scientific Method.  Please memorize the steps and learn what each step does.  

Italian –  Test next week in Italian, please study your notes.  

4th Grade

Math – Sadlier Math Lesson 2.1, Write times table,  6 – 9  2x in your notebooks.  The times table sheet you were given on Friday should be hanging somewhere in your bedroom, for easy access to study every night before sleep.  .  If you email me a picture of you and the sheet together, you get an extra 3 points on the test Thursday.  

Hey 4th graders, if you went to the website to check out your homework , you can leave out the times table homework tonight only.  Thanks for checking out the web site.  

Science –  Test tomorrow on the Scientific Method.  Please memorize the steps and learn what each step does.  

Virtus Training – All family members who wish to volunteer, attend, trips, dances,  special events, will need to be Virtus trained. This is a special, children  protection training,  offered by the diocese to those who will be spending time with children.  For your convenience, a trading session will be offered, Monday, September 23rd, at St. Athanasius at 6:30pm.  It does not take long, but it is very important. Please  try to make it, if you are not Virtus trained. 




SUPPLY LIST  5TH GRADERS 2019/2020 school year


7 Composition notebooks,  no spirals please

2 folders

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones  for computers

Pencil case



Blue or black pens

4 book socks for text books

Roll of clear contact paper


Markers optional, but the students love them

Glue or glue stick


The students need an art box.  You can get a plastic one in the dollar store, but a large sneaker box works just as well.

SUPPLIES FOR THE CLASSROOM   These items are very important in helping our classroom function daily.

1 pack of loose-leaf paper 

2 boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer

2 Paper towels

Hand soap

1 ream of computer paper

Clorox wipes  for cleaning

Baby wipes for washing hands

1 sandwich size Ziploc bags


1 Pack of dry erase markers

Ink for our in class printer.  It would be great if you get together with other parents  and can purchase the ink.  

Our printer is an HP office Jet Pro 6968

It uses HP 902


Our Specials Teachers also need supplies.  

ART –  Mrs. Hurdurski has and entire list with pictures on her class page.

ITALIAN – Italian notebook

COMPUTER – 1 pack of computer paper,  1 box of tissues,  Clorox Wipes

GYM – School tee shirt and sweat  pants or shorts,  white sole sneakers

LEARNING CENTER – Clorox wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer , notebook, index cards, folder


Welcome to the 5th Grade

Posted on August 17, 2017

Image result for back to school logoI hope everyone had a magnificent summer.   I spent some of my summer planning some exciting things we can do to make learning even more fun.  I hope you all kept up on your reading and math skills.  That will help us get a jump start on 5th grade,  and all the new topics we will tackle.  Our fist priority is getting our classroom in order.  I will be heading to school the last week in August to do just that.  You can help too.  Below is a list of items that will put you on the right track, for  starting the year on the right foot.  Please bring these items the first day of school.  

8 notebooks  (no spiral notebooks please)


Pens  (blue or black)  

3 Folders  

2 Book Socks  (for covering texts)

Clear contact paper (for covering workbooks)




Box for art class (plastic is great, but a decorated shoe box works fine) Please see the Art page for items for the art box.

Pack of computer paper

2 Boxes of Tissues  (Very important, students using a tissue cuts spreading of germs)

Roll of paper towels

Hand Sanitizer 

Baby wipes (for hands and face) 

Clorox wipes (for classroom surfaces) 





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