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School emergency Evacuation notice 2020-2021

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Parent-Student Handbook
This handbook includes information about our staff, tuition, academic policies, testing, school hours, discipline and more. Please review it carefully. Download the Handbook
final 2019-2020 student parent handbook
Handbook signature page. Please review the handbook with your child.
Please print this page, sign it, and return one for each of your children to the homeroom teacher. Handbook signature page 2019 2020

As of June 13, 2019, public, private and parochial schools and child care programs in New York can no longer accept requests for religious exemptions from school immunization requirements. This law applies to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and to all child care settings. Schools and child care programs will continue to accept medical exemptions. See form below.
Children who had a religious exemption and who will be returning in the 2019-20 school year must meet immunization requirements in order to attend school. Children who have not received all required immunizations must receive the first dose in each immunization series within 14 calendar days after the first day of school or enrollment in child care. Within 30 calendar days of the first day of school, parents or guardians of such children will also need to show that they have scheduled appointments for all follow-up doses.
DOH-Immunization-Medical-Exemption-Form (1)

For the safety and well being of each and every child in our school, all volunteers must go through the following process:
1) Read and sign a code of conduct
2) Have a background check
3) Take part in the VIRTUS program. Register at Download the registration guide here.VIRTUS registration guide)
After completing the VIRTUS Program we ask that you please bring to the office a copy of your certificate for us to keep track of in our database. We hope that this is not an inconvenience for anyone, but we need to be sure that all adults who interact with students are in compliance.

All children, grades Kindergarten-8, are required to be in uniform. Unless a child has a note explaining the reason for not being in full uniform, a parent will be notified and requested to bring the necessary item.