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Welcome to Pre-K B!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Moya and I will be your child’s teacher for this upcoming school year. I cannot wait to help your child learn and blossom. Pre-K B will also have Mrs. Rosa who is also very excited to meet you all!

Supply List

1 Double Pocket Folders

2 Bottles of Hand Soap

2 Rolls of Large Paper Towel

3 Boxes of Tissues

1 Pack of Baby Wipes

2 Containers of Lysol/Clorox Wipes

Standard size backpack (no wheels) (big enough to fit a folder and winter coat)

Labeled Change of Clothes

Velcro Sneakers ONLY

Large (gallon size) Ziplock bags

Pencil Box Case

Sharpened pencils

Glue Sticks

Child Proof Safety Scissors

Dry Erase Markers

Three Age Appropriate Books Labeled (will be rotated weekly)

2 Recent Individual Photos

1 Family Photo (for our family wall)

Helpful Tips:

Talk with your child about the importance of social distancing and why we keep our mask on.

Practice with your child how to zip, button, and/or snap their sweaters and coats. As well as how to put on outerwear, hats, gloves, and scarfs by themselves.

Teach your child to take care of their bathroom needs and how to wash their hands properly. 

Children could sing the happy birthday song two times while washing their hands or the tops and bottom song two times.  

Tops and Bottom is my favorite! Here is a link to the song :


Mrs. Rosa-


Thank You,

Mrs. Moya

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