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Welcome to Pre-K C!

All activities are developmentally appropriate and are linked to the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core which sets the foundation for your child’s educational future.

Important Reminders
*School begins promptly at 8:30am, all drop-off is through the 62nd street entrance located in the school yard.

*Dismissal is promptly at 2:50pm, all pick-up is through the 62nd street exit located in the school yard.

*Parents, it is very important for your child’s safety that you inform the teachers with a written note who is picking up your child from school if you are unable to. The individual must have ID to verify they are the person whom is allowed to pick up your child.

*Any snacks or meals sent to school for your child must be nutritional. No Cookies, chocolate, or candy. Absolutely no glass bottles are permitted in the classroom.

*Please send your child with their folder to school every day as this is a form of communication between school and home. Please make sure to check the folder daily for any important announcements.

*All crib sheets must be brought home and washed every Friday and returned on Monday.

Supply List

2 Double Pocket Folders

2 Bottles of Hand Soap

2 Rolls of Paper Towel

2 Boxes of Tissues

2 Containers of Lysol/Clorox Wipes

Standard size backpack (no wheels)

Labeled Change of Clothes 

2 Recent Individual Photos

2 Family Photos


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